Galentine’s Day Gift! DIY Sugar Scrub

A month ago, a couple of us ladies went out to a new restaurant for a little Galentine’s Day brunch! My good pal Becca suggested we make this recipe for Homemade Sugar Scrub as a little Galentine’s Day gift! Since Becca and I both had a handful of essential oils already in our possession, this was a super easy idea for us.

All you need is:

  • Jars
  • Coconut oil
  • Sugar
  • Essential oil of your preferred scent

We didn’t have fresh flower petals laying about so we decided to forgo that part of the original recipe.

Use whatever sized vessel you feel like and use 2 parts sugar to 1 part coconut oil. For our half pint/8oz jars, we used 1/2 cup sugar and 1/4 oil. To make the oil easy to work with, it helped to melt it first. Coconut oil has a VERY low melting point, so you don’t need to heat it up very much!

 Measure out your sugar and oil in to the jars, give it a good stir, then add some drops of essential oils! We made three different scented scrubs for people to choose from: citrus fresh, lavender, and eucalyptus/wintergreen.  We used 10-12 drops of citrus fresh and lavender. We accidentally used WAAAAAY too much eucalyptus and had to put a significant amount of wintergreen in to compensate the overwhelming smell. I would suggest a 3:1 ratio of mint to eucalyptus.

DIY Sugar scrub

*Another reason we didn’t go with the flower petals! Didn’t know where to find lavender/how expensive it would be/if it would feel terrible to rub it on your skin.

And to add a cherry on top of this do-it-yourself sundae, we decided to throw in some fun handmade cards as well! We found these at too! There were 10 different options in her post, but we went with the Bee Mine option, since honey sticks would be really easy to buy in the precise amount needed.

Galentine's Day gifts

You might be thinking, “Wow, your drawings look JUST LIKE the picture on Lauren’s site!”

You would be right.

Because we traced it.

Neither Becca nor I have great drawing skills and we actually wanted our gifts to look good soooooo…yeah, we cheated. We traced one then ran it through the copier onto some cardstock and blam-o! Super easy DIY card! Hot glue your item of choice on the cover and your valentine/galentine will swoon for it.

So there you have it! A DIY project that is both easy and worth the effort!

Bryce & Becca

Bryce & Becca

Diva Cup Revisited

A while back, we did a brief post about a product called The Diva Cup. But it was kinda dry and lacking in any sort of testimonial. A lot of the comments we received on this particular post were curious as to how effective, awkward, or safe this product was, and we never really addressed those questions! A couple of the OAM ladies are only familiar with this particular brand, though there are many similar products available like the Mooncup, Fleurcup or the slightly less eco-friendly Instead Softcup.



They are all relatively similar products, so it’s just about finding what’s right for you! But let’s be real for a second, before you drop your cold hard cash on a product like this, you probably have a couple questions!

A-ight, let’s do this.

The comments on our previous article was either questions or praise of the products, nothing negative! If someone didn’t like a particular brand, they just recommended a different one they liked better, but it seems that anyone who has tried out a menstrual cup prefers it to tampons.

Here are some questions I can answer for you!

  • Can you REALLY leave them in for 12 hours?

Yes. Assuming that you don’t fill it up beforehand. On days when I have an especially heavy flow, I’ll take it out closer to every 6 hours, but on lighter days I’ve left my cup in for 12 hours without a problem.

  • Can you take a spin class wearing it?

I have not worn it to a spin class, so I can’t really answer this one. BUT I’ve worn it while riding a bike and it was fine. Although it was a pretty short bike ride, so take that with a grain of salt.

  • How do you get it in/take it out?!

There are instructions that tell you how to fold up your Diva Cup to properly insert it. Suffice it to say that, in order to get a good enough grip on the cup to spin it (creating the “seal” it describes on the package) you’ll likely have breach the honey pot, if you know what I’m saying. Not really far in or anything, but inside nonetheless.

There’s a part on the base of the cup that’s meant for you to pinch in order to remove it. I’ll admit, the angle in which I need my hand to be in order to grab the cup can sometimes make my thumb muscle cramp up.

  • Would you recommend this product?

HELL YEAH! It’s awesome! If I’m going on a trip, I only need to bring this one item with me instead of a whole BOX of tampons! You won’t “run out” of Diva Cup. It’s safe, it’s effective, it doesn’t dry you out AND I’m not running to bathroom every 2 hours like I suddenly have the world’s tiniest bladder! It’s AMAZING!

It does take a little getting used to! Once you figure out how to properly insert the cup, you’re golden. If it’s not in straight, it can lead to some leakage. I would recommend using a liner anyways, but you only need one for the whole day, so you’re still being much kinder to the environment than if you used other disposable products.

Hope that answers some of your misgivings!

Shout out to with any more questions or comments!



Lady Confessions: Is Valentine’s Day…a SEXY day?

Valentine’s Day is supposed to be a romantic holiday, but is it a SEXY holiday? Why or why not?


 I don’t find Valentine’s Day romantic so much as consumeristic.  I think the original intention of Valentine’s Day is nice and all, and I’ll definitely use it as an excuse to eat all of the chocolate and buy myself my husband a gift, but no thanks.  So, sexy?  No, not after I’ve eaten an entire box of candy hearts.  Besides, who shaves their legs in the winter? 😉


I don’t really have much to say about Valentine’s Day. I’m one of those people that doesn’t believe in the holiday as I don’t think couples should need a holiday to make them be nice to each other. 😛


As one of the single ladies, I normally celebrate ‘Galentine’s Day’ with my lady friends. To me, it’s just a night to dress up, go out with the girls and do something fun and girly. I think movies and TV give us the idea that Valentine’s is supposed to be some super romantic, grand gesture kind of day, but I’d rather have lots of small gestures on a regular basis rather than put pressure on an arbitrary day.


 No, I don’t think of it as a “sexy” day. I mean, I think it’s important for people to tell each other how they feel, even if you need to be motivated by a specific day of the year. In my eyes, it’s more important to do something you enjoy with a person you care about, be it significant other or not. So no, not sexy at all then.

I don’t hate Valentine’s Day, but I’ve never really dug it. I certainly don’t find it sexy. My boyfriend and I have never celebrated Valentine’s Day together- mainly because I forget, but also I don’t care. I usually give him a card and just write him something really meaningful in it. If anything, it’s a cheesy holiday. You know what’s sexy? Spontaneity! I’d prefer to be wined and dined when I least expect it- rather than building up hype for one day a year. Call me a Negative Nancy, but Valentine’s Day just isn’t my thing.


It’s just another excuse to buy and wear sexy undergarments for your partner.

Ask XY: Grand Romantic Gestures

Ask XY

What is the Grandest Romantic Gesture you’ve ever made? Did it work, or did it backfire?

It may not be THE grandest, but it was the first and most important gesture I ever made. In 1st grade, I liked a girl. I didn’t know if she liked me or not. Instead of simply asking her how she felt about me, I saved up my allowance, went to the local jewelry store, and bought a nice necklace for her, gift-wrapped and all. I knew she knew I liked her, so I didn’t put my name in the “From” column. Neglecting the fact that I had no say in what other people think and feel, I wanted her to open it and instinctively know who it was from. She’d look up, her eyes would meet mine…and we’d melt into each other. Like a movie.

I went to school early and put the necklace on her desk. I sat at mine and waited. She was one of the last to arrive at her seat that day, so the anticipation built not just for me, but for every other student that had entered the classroom and seen the mystery gift. She came in two minutes before the bell. She opened the gift with an eager audience. She smiled. There were light “oohs” and “aahs.” She looked up. Her eyes met mine, a curious smile on her face. Then the bell rang. The next hour was one of the longest of my life. What did the “curious” part of that smile mean?
She approached my desk after class ended. I wondered: What shade of red was my face? Was my blood boiling? ‘Cause that’s how hot I felt. She wore the necklace around her neck and placed one hand on my desk as if to slowly slide it toward mine. She smiled, said hello, and proceeded with her follow-up question: “Do you know if Andy gave this to me? I hope so. I really like him. Would you ask him for me?” My heart fell into an abyss inside of me. I squeaked out the word “Sure.”
It was awful, but I learned an important lesson in love: I couldn’t control other people’s feelings (much like my own).
It’s simple. Someone likes you, or they don’t. There’s no convincing, no proving, no game. All you have to do (and can do) is show up.
I cite this as a grand gesture because at the time I had the courage (and naivety) to entrust the world to be perfect. What I didn’t have the courage to do was show up. 😉

Do you have any questions for the Ask XY guys?
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Hard to say goodbye… to a favorite shopping spot.

Confession: I love me some GAP.  Like, the whole family of brands. I got a job at Old Navy while searching for full-time position and even when I found the awesome job I have I still stayed at Old Navy part-time.  Hard to give up that sweet employee discount and some extra cash in the bank to cover mini shopping sprees with said discount.

After racking up credit card rewards points from those purchases at Old Navy and Gap (because of course I have the Gap credit card) I would often take them over to the online store (a Gap brand, but I don’t get an employee discount) to save on on big ticket purchases from other designers and brands.  I’ve bought my leather riding boots and other shoes, a nice purse, even my Kate Spade watch.  When I would be in the market for a new classic piece for my wardrobe Piperlime was usually my first stop to browse online.

Last week Gap announced that they are closing down Piperlime. I read the news on the bulletin board as I clocked in for one of those weekend shifts at Old Navy and was so bummed. It looks like they’ll still be around for a little bit, but shuttering by the end of the first quarter, so I there’s still a few weeks to use up my rewards and save on those cute sandals I’ve been eyeing and maybe a new purse or dress to go with them.  And after that? Guess I’ll find something in store to spend my rewards on and look to pinterest and other shopping sites for fashion inspiration and designer deals.

How ’bout you guys? Any Piperlime fans that will be mourning with me? Got a suggestion for a site to check out for high-end brands at low prices?



Scary Video Games Are No Joke – Outlast

My boyfriend is a huge video game fella, which is something is so common I feel like part of me doesn’t even need to state it. I do anyway. My boyfriend is a huge video game fella.

He was playing Outlast – if you don’t already know, it’s a wicked scary game that takes place in an insane asylum. You’re a reporter trying to be all like “I need to figure out this story! This is my BIG BREAK.” In the game you have no fighting skills, you can’t punch, kick or scream. You’re playing a video game that is basically, you’re worst nightmare.

I’m what folks might call a deep thinker. I get waaayyy to involved waaayyy too quickly. Seriously. I think I’m in the game, movie, book or commercial. What those people are feeling – I’M FEELING.

Truth. Watch…



xoxo – Kyla


Feminism is not a dirty word.


I think it’s time we talk about Feminism. I was out with a group of lady friends and we were talking to another group of women who were in L.A. from out of town. We were chatting away like normal people in bars do and one of the ladies said, “but we’re not feminists.” I definitely made a face because people looked at me and then the correction was made, “Well, Bryce is!”

I was very surprised by this whole interaction because, not only were other people relieved that we weren’t “feminists,” but also because the person saying “We aren’t feminists” didn’t realize she actually is a feminist.

It’s time we discuss what Feminism actually means. There are lots of women out there saying that they aren’t feminists because they don’t want to take anything away from men or that they “aren’t feminists, they’re humanists.”

I think it’s time we talk definitions.

According to Merriam-Webster

: the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities
: organized activity in support of women’s rights and interests.

Full definition of FEMINISM
1: the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes
2: organized activity on behalf of women’s rights and interests.

: a system of values and beliefs that is based on the idea that people are basically good and that problems can be solved using reason instead of religion.

So the two don’t really compare.

feminism - kate nash

According to the Cambridge Dictionary

> an organized effort to give women the same economic, social, and political rights as men.

According to

1. The doctrine advocating social, political, and all other rights of women equal to those of men.
2. An organized movement for the attainment of such rights for women.
3. Feminine character.


So yeah. If you’re in favor of equal rights, then you are a feminist.

The Women Against Feminism movement makes very little sense to me, because it seems like most of the reasons those people choose to be against Feminism have very little to do with Feminist theory. Here’s a prime example. Lots of “I don’t need feminism because women shouldn’t be superior to men” or I don’t need feminism because “we should all be treated equal” plague the women against feminism movement.

If you’re going to take a hardline stance against something, know what it is you’re disagreeing with first.

Now, I’m not saying that all feminists are delightful people. There are some serious bitches out there. And there are women who think that men ARE inferior and those are the more radical feminists. The problem as I see it today is that the word “feminist” is now only associated with radical feminists. It’s like saying all Republicans are as zealous at the Tea Party members. It’s simply not true.

Of course there is nuance here, not all feminists agree on what feminism should stand for. Second-wave radical feminism is VERY different from third-wave lipstick feminism. What I am saying is labeling yourself a “feminist” should NOT make people recoil in fear. Feminism = Equality.


If you are for equality, then you are for Feminism. So let’s shout it loud and proud “I AM A FEMINIST!”



Caramel Apple Martini

In case you haven’t noticed, flavored martinis are kinda our thing. Last year we featured Beth’s Bites Pumpkin spice martini for our pumpkin recipe contest so this year, I thought we’d go for something sweeter. You know what they say about sugar and spice!

caramel apple martiniaHalloween is next Friday, so I’m guessing some of you out there have parties going on. If you’re in the market for a festive drink, try out one of these bad boys. Everyone can use a little social lubrication when wearing a costume!

Caramel Apple Martini

1 part Vodka
1 part Apple Pucker
1 part Butterscotch Schnapps

Shake and serve.


Bryce at Melting Pot