Surprise in the Centerpiece

I went to my friends’ wedding over this past weekend up in Seattle. It was an intimate outdoor gathering on a lovely July day. Like lots of women, I like to check out all the little details (flower arrangements, colors, favors, how they labeled each table, etc, etc) that make up a wedding.

While I was admiring the centerpieces, I noticed a couple of fun little touches! For one, I just really like the purple flower in the foreground. It’s one that you don’t often see, at least not in California or Minnesota, which are the locations of most weddings I’ve attended. It adds a unique flair to the more traditional flowers like calla lilies and hydrangeas.¬† Continue reading Surprise in the Centerpiece

OMG, Shoes….? Chuck Taylors.

Now, I may have a slight addiction to ahem, Chuck Taylors.

And here’s 3 reasons why you should too!

1 HISTORY: Can you believe these puppies have been around since 1917?! We have Mr. Charles “Chuck” H. Taylor to thank for that! An Indiana man (ahem, surprise surprise, I always get a certain feeling when I know someone is from Indiana. Just another reason to love me some Chucks!), who got involved with the shoe and a basketball. That’s right all you jock loving folk… the sporty ones wore them back-in-the day. Now-A-Days, someone would rather wear a stylish pair of Air Jordan’s before slapping some of these on for a round of B-Ball. Safety reason and sports comfort ability completely make sense here.

2 ADAPTABILITY: Let’s talk about how much anyone, and I mean anyone can rock these sweet kicks. I’ve seen Grandpa’s pulling it off on the streets, Groomsmen & Bridesmaids at weddings, Bryce’s Mom even rocked a solid yellow pair at Bryce’s rehearsal dinner! They are by far the most adorable shoe. And the most versatile. Dress them up or dress them down. Enough said.

3 CUSTOMIZABLE: Most importantly did you know, (And you may have already known) that you can customize a pair online? (Or as many pairs as you want!) That’s right, become the creator of your OWN Chucks! Whoop! They have a variety of patterns and colors for the insides & the outsides of the shoe. You can also pair them with a fun shoe string color OR have a GLOW in THE DARK pair! You can also finish them off with your own signature stamp! Just in a flash, your name, can be on a pair of Chucks. I know you like it.

Basically… Chuck Taylors are the know all go all for everything shoes… Trust me, if I’m at the Oscars, I’ll be kickin it with some Chucks way before putting on a pair of¬†stilettos! Have you customized your own pair yet?

Create your own Chucks